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Liverpool- town situated on the west coast of the north of England, on the north bank of the estuary of the River Mersey. It has about 500,000 inhabitants. Center port, industrial, scientific and cultural center, the second largest in the UK after London. Liverpool is an important railway junction, road and air (John Lennon Airport), with excellent communication. It's a total rather inconspicuous town, which is associated mainly with the famous band The Beatles and the football team at the first contact makes a big impression on the observer. This is not working English little town, but - especially from the side of the river - a beautiful, monumental city of classical monuments, which at night, illuminated headlights breath away with their charm

Liverpool Information

Liverpool is a city located on the west coast of England. It is one of the most important port in the UK, with well developed industries. The center has a number of historic buildings, but the city is mainly associated with the now defunct band The Beatles.

Historical view

1024px-Liverpool1890sThe first traces of permanent settlement in this area is estimated at VI. The official beginning of the city’s first years of the thirteenth century., When King John I founded this place port. In the years following municipal buildings – the castle, town hall, palaces. Since the mid-seventeenth century. The city has gained considerably in importance due to start trading with America. In the nineteenth century. They built a series of docks, among others Albert Dock. During this period, the city strongly developed – were created richly decorated buildings, including St George’s Hall and the railway line linking Liverpool to Manchester. In this city, in 1960. Started operations world-famous band The Beatles.


The tourist season and weather

liverpoolLiverpool is in the temperate zone of the marine, which means cool summer and mild winter. The average summer temperature is + 14-16 degrees, while winter + 1-2 degrees. A characteristic feature are the heavy rainfall throughout the year. Weather in Liverpool is very variable – can change completely in just a few hours.

In summer temperatures can reach above 20 degrees and the sun shines for approx. 6 hours per day. Autumn is the wettest time of year – it rains regularly, and in the air constantly hovers moisture. At night possible local frosts. Winter lasts from mid-November to the end of February. There is snow.

Late spring and summer are the best time to visit Liverpool. Rain is then less, and the temperature bearable.

Food and drinks

th0_7653_angielskie_sniadanieLiverpool does not really stand out from other British cities when it comes to food and drink. Dominates greasy, simple food, based on dishes that can be prepared quickly and easily. Most are all kinds of burgers, roast meat, potatoes, fried fish and chips (Fish & Chips). .Warzyw Is not enough, and the dishes are seasoned enough, by what are often bland. The traditional English breakfast is a fried egg, sausage, bacon, beans and toast. Bread is eaten mostly in the form of toast. The most popular drink is, of course, beer and coffee. You also can not forget the famous afternoon tea, which is now already drunk less frequently.

Currency and prices

th0_7348_00004xo7slngb869-c303The currency in England is the pound sterling. Prices in shops are a bit higher than in Poland. Depending on the product, the difference is sometimes higher or lower. For a meal in a bar or pub you have to pay from 2 to 8 pounds, beer will cost approx. 3 pounds. Expensive is the meat and cold cuts and fruit.

For souvenirs you have to pay a little more – fridge magnet will cost approx. £ 2, booth bank with jelly costs approx. 8 pounds. It pays to instead buy perfume at the airport – price reductions as high as 40-50%.


By choosing to England, you should think about  to electrical outlets. Power supply is there for 220 V AC and require special 3-pin plug.

Entry conditions

At the entrance on the territory of Great Britain valid passport control. To cross the border need a passport or ID card.